Monday, October 10, 2016

News and Notes: New Titles, Roster News

Well, Moonshine threw a wrinkle into the whole "Women's Division" idea that was hatched for Kalamazoo Card Wrestling Federation.  At a house show on the south-side, Moonshine walked away (she was in no shape to drive) with the KCWF Championship belt.  Since she challenged and defeated ??? the titles are now being combined.  This unforeseen event has opened the door for the creation of a new title!

The best of the best for ALL wrestlers will now compete for the KCWF World Championship! AKA The World Title!

Hungry up-and-comers will vie for the KCFW Inter-City Championship! AKA: The IC Title!

A tournament at the next PPV Event will be held to find the Inaugural IC Champion.

Roster News:

After the PPV failure, House Show failure, and self-chastisement The Right is being sent down to developmental.  Hopefully he can concur his demons and faults and make his way back up to the main roster

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