Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Basement Bulletin - 10/10

Basement Bulletin

WWE has its training center, Stu Hart had his dungeon, KCWF has The Basement.  All wrestling superstars need to get their start somewhere.  Future stars of KCWF learn the business from the best LFF and XCW have to offer. 

The Right was recently sent back to the basement to revamp his limited move set.  He was focusing so much on punishment and power that he was winning matches.  Monday was his first night trying out what he had learned in the ring.  Prince McSham didn’t want to throw him in front of a crowd without being sure he was ready.

The night’s training match would feature The Right and Rog Braves; but before they were to take the ring LFF stars, The Mercinator and Pauly “The Pigeon” Piccone, would show the students how it’s done.  The match started with a quick rear chin lock by the Mercinator, followed by a gut wrench and a quick pin after a Bullseye.  1, 2, 3. 

A squash match?  They were teaching with a squash?   McSham laid into the competitors and they went at it again.

The second match started the same way as the first.  But this time Pauly kicked out.  He starred down The Mercinator as if to say “you’re trying that crap again.”  Now the action went back and forth with neither man taking the advantage for long.  Suddenly, The Pigeon landed a roundhouse punch followed by an unstoppable, Dead Man’s Hand.  1, 2,… right before the ref’s hand could fall for the 3 count, The Mercinator kicked out!  He hopped up and hit The Pigeon with an oblivion bomb for the 1, 2, 3.

The story telling was much, much better in the second match and The Right and Rog Braves took the ring.  The Right adjusted his emphasis a little bit so as not to focus on strength so much.  The combatants battled back-and-forth with neither one gaining an advantage.  Finally, The Right was able to land a 360 lariat, one of the new moves he was being taught.  This allowed him to seize the advantage and win the match via countout.

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